Custom Prop Fabrication

Kern Studios’ has an extensive history in prop-building. Truly the pros, Kern Studios has assembled a collection of sculptors, digital artists, and fabricators to work on each project meticulously.

Every prop is a work of art, and requires time to develop, research, and construct each piece based. We work closely with our clients to make sure we match the vision that’s intended. The average fabrication time for single props is 6-8 weeks based on our scheduling structure, but our team also can work on a rush project at any time.

Understanding Your Project

Understanding your project is the first step. The more details you give, the more helpful we can be to serve you!

Size and Scale

  • Knowing the expected size of your prop will help us quote your project accurately.

Fit and Finish

  • The materials we used are based on your props usage needs.

Specific Needs

  • Some props need specific attachment points, others need lighting, movement, and non-traditional materials. Our project managers will make a plan that works for your project.

Fabrication Process

Common Sculptural Elements

  • The majority of Kern’s props are created in a urethane foam and covered in a hard-coat that resists denting. Fiberglass, resin, and latex are also utilized on projects.

What’s Underneath

  • Your project most likely will need an armature throughout to stabilize and strengthen the prop. Kern Studios often uses a wood armature, aluminum, or steel depending on the project.

Production Phases

  • Your project will undergo several phases, working in several different departments. Your project manager will check in with you along the process to make sure everything matches up as intended. There can be as many as 15 different artists work incorporated into one prop!






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Quoting Your Project

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