Parade Request

As part of New Orleans' fight on Covid-19, the City of New Orleans
is not allowing parade permits or requests for parades
until further notice. Please contact us at
to receive updates on when parades will be permitted again in the safest way possible.
Positioned, photo op floats are available for indoor use when conventions resume.

New Orleans Region

New Orleans
Indoor Parades

Give your Attendees a
Taste of New Orleans

A Mini Parade Package with Push Floats. Great for Conventions, Weddings, Small Spaces, and areas where motorized floats are not permitted.

French Quarter and
Bourbon Street Parades

Party On with an Epic Experience
in the French Quarter!

Float for the French Quarter are specifically created for use on the narrow streets of the French Quarter with tigheter cornering. Transports groups of 10-20 people.

Mardi Gras
Super Parades

Our largest floats, the authentic
Mardi Gras experience!

The most iconic, largest floats of Mardi Gras are available to rent and can travel on major Mardi Gras routes (Canal St, St. Peters, Central Business District). These fit 30-50 passengers.

Outside New Orleans Region


Rental Fleet Used for Pride Parades around the country



Our largest floats, the authentic
Mardi Gras experience!