Custom Prop Quote Request

It's All in the Details

You’ve decided you want a cupcake towering over your candy shop, a 12-foot unicorn with animated wings, or a 30-foot shoe that will appear as a 1-day marketing stunt. Understanding your project is the first step. The more details you give, the more helpful we can be to serve you!

Size and Scale

Knowing the expected size of your prop will greatly affect the pricing and last-minute changes. Take into consideration height restrictions that may need to be factored in.

Fit and Finish

It’s important for us to understand the full usage of the prop, to get the best method of approach for the project. Indoor/Outdoor use, glossy vs flat paint, branding-specific details, these all make a big impact on our design process.

Understanding Fabrication Process

Every custom piece is a work of art, and requires time to develop, research, and construct each piece based on the specifics of your needs. Kern Studios can produce any style, from IP characters, to realistic biology. We work closely with our clients to make sure we match the vision that’s intended. The phases of production require a wealth of knowledge, artistry, and artistic experience.

Initial Concept

Design Phase

Sculpting Phase

Paint/ Finish Phase

Delivery/ Complete